Inspections Maintenance and Service

We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire Engineering provides Inspection and Maintenance Services at a level our clients are comfortable with. By providing complete and accurate inspections and follow-up, this process is made easier for our clients. Our inspection report portal allows each client protected access for immediate viewing on completed inspection reports for their respective properties.

Fire Sprinklers

Backflow Preventers

Fire Pumps


Fire Extinguishers

Fire Hydrants

Fire Alarms

Clean Agent (FM 200, Ecaro-25 & Inert Systems)

Carbon Dioxide (High and Low Pressure)

Dry and Wet Chemical Systems

Gas Detection

Fan Testing

Room Integrity Testing

Clean Agent Refill Station

The demand for clean agent systems is growing at a rapid pace. Fire Engineering has made the investment to provide an onsite Clean Agent refill station. This gives us the ability to quickly refill FM-200, Ecaro-25 or Halon tanks within hours of a discharge when most companies need to send empty tanks back to factories, which can take weeks.


Our FM-200 & Ecaro-25 is factory new and not recycled agent.

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